Saturday, July 31, 2010

A comic I wrote

This is a four-page comic I had Zack Finfrock draw a while ago. It's the first couple of pages of a superhero comic I've been brainstorming for a while, called "Six." Figure this is as good a place as any to display some of my writing. Maybe I'll put some prose on here.  


(Note: His shirt is supposed to be black and have a "6" on the front. Zack kind of ducked out of finishing the comic at the last minute.)

"Gun Loco" is like the best game idea ever

That is, if Square-Enix didn't buy the name.

I mean I would play the fuck out of any FPS where you can shoot trains at your enemies. Why the fuck hasn't anyone done this yet is beyond me. Instead we're gonna get a Japanese-beaten third person action game with sloppy gameplay and some ridiculous gimmick, if Neir or anything else SE makes is any indication. 

Joystiq can be pretty hilarious at times. Glad I dropped that supermarket tabloid that is Kotaku for these dudes. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

One Moment In Time

Why do I get the feeling that this is just going to be their way of gradually bringing Parker and MJ back together while filling in the blanks of what happened with Mephisto's stupid fucking barter? 

The big set up is oh hey we're explaining shit. And pretty much any mystery that gets explained very quickly turns into destroying any compelling reason to keep going in the story. So if you remove the mystery you need a new hook, something new and crazy, something like...

A surprise relationship! Our readers would never expect that!

Including more colored characters

Was thinking about this in my writing. 

Like, in the world I'm trying to put together - fantasy novel world, Telrin - I need to work on including multiple races beyond just Elves and Dwarves and shit. I mean I've even got Eastlands, a desert-region of the main continent Hioren, and it only struck me recently to make them darker skinned. It feels extraordinarily racist to not even think about including variants of skin color, especially when it's actually would be otherwise appropriate. 

Most of the inclusions I'd be doing to my writing wouldn't be adding in exactly one character here and there, otherwise it's just stupid tokenism. I'm not looking to after-the-fact edit in oh hey here's a black guy, here's a mexican woman, asian guy, etc etc etc. otherwise I'd just be throwing in whatever I feel would get me past the Politically Correct Committee and there'd be a wheelchair bound guy who's got to have exactly one worthwhile moment to make everyone feel better about the situation. The reason I'm making this post is to think, hey, from now on let me think about character concepts in-development and build being black, asian, or yes even handicapped as a facet of their personality rather than super-gluing it onto their completed profile after-the-fact. 

It isn't "Oh, hey, I need to include a black guy." *hasty after-edit*

What I'm talking about is more like this - "Hmm, I need a supporting character here for this superhero concept. He'd be...a cop, young, relatively new on the force. Good guy, really tough, but he's soft spoken. Has faith in people and things turning out okay. He's an active participant in improving things. Sorta like Jim Gordon channeling Morpehous. Hey...he could be black. It actually fits pretty well, especially since the city is supposed to be a big mix of races as it's a hot immigration spot. He's got...a brother, too, but he's not in the force, he' artist who lives elsewhere." etc etc etc

I suppose the only reason I bring this up is because in the delicate politics of racism there's about a million incorrect places to stand and only about three correct ones, and I feel like I just noticed I was standing on one of the former. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Cowboy Bebop is awesome

They never made any more after the series and the movie,


The characters got shit on and went through a serious maturing character arc with each successive episode that let the development build upon itself until they all reached their conclusive finale that wrapped up their individual stories without resorting to telling you anything but the complete truth with no sugar-coating to prevent you from learning what each person's life led to.

I mean this is seriously the only anime I've watched front-to-back and I know this without a doubt.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Pro-life feminists" are full of shit

There's apparently a group of people who consider themselves "Pro-life feminists." Now, you might be thinking, "WTF?!" because obviously pro-life is the ridiculous arbitrary demand for women to carry their children because We Say So whereas feminism is all about women's rights. 

I mean if you asked me, pro-life feminism is "I'm all about women's rights, except abortion because it's your fault you got pregnant you dumb whore. Nope, don't care if you were raped or if birth control failed, your fault."


It's like reading Stephanie Meyers' feminist-rebuttal all over again. 

"Modern feminism has lost sight of the true meaning of feminism in the regards that modern feminism does not acknowledge the value of women who choose to stay home rather than work in the "business" world, or the value of a child if it is in the mother's womb."

Being a stay-at-home mom girly-girl is the NEW feminism!

But no seriously last time I checked feminism meant "The advocacy of women`s rights on the grounds of sexual equality," not "Fuck what you want! It's all about having a successful career and not wanting kids and having multiple boyfriends! Feminism means YOU ADOPT OUR IDEALS OR DIE!"

"Pro-life feminists respect ALL human life, and they do not place their morality on people - including the unborn - by deciding who should live and who should die."

Once again more of that fucking stupid 'abortion is killing' backhanded bullshit, stated as though everyone - including the reader - is already accepting that yes, abortion is killing. Even though you'd be just as likely to step on a tapeworm and consider it 'killing' since any doctor-approved abortion has to be done early. 

"Some people call pro-life feminists "anti-choice" - well, pro-life feminists *are* anti-choice, when it comes to abortion. They are also anti-choice when it comes to rape or the abuse of women. No one should have the "choice" to rape or abuse women either. No one should have the "choice" to beat a woman or not. Pro-life feminists want REAL choice for women. A REAL choice where women have the option to *choose* effective birth control, effective being the key word."

I like how they say "no one choses to be raped" and instantly lampshade that their entire agenda is to, in the instance that it results in a pregnancy, say it's your fault for not using birth control. Getting pregnant is your choice, even if it involved rape. 

"Abortion doesn't "liberate" women - it "liberates " men."

Wow, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Wait, no...

"Abortion on demand liberates men who want sex without strings, promises, responsibility, or the rituals of romance. And if the woman has the baby? Hey, that's her problem. She could have gotten an abortion - she chose to carry the child; let her pay for her choice."

THAT is the Goddamn stupidest thing I've ever heard, the whipped cream topping of moron-statements. 

It's the kind of ack-basswards horseshit that becomes the radicalist feminists - the kind of women who are convinced that sex is something done by men and to women. 

Women having abortions frees them from the responsibility of taking on a child if they cannot or do not wish to. Insisting that the act does nothing other than free men from responsibility, ignoring the entire physical, emotional, and financial repercussions from a woman carrying, birthing, and raising a child, is all kinds of fucking idiotic I can't even believe. 

"Abortion also "liberates" others - not the pregnant woman."

And this is the cherry on top. They consider themselves feminists, hammer on how important women's rights are, yet they spend an entire page telling you how much women's rights don't matter. It's the fetus - always the fetus. The baby is the more important part. A life that is barely the size and intelligence of a mosquitofish is more important than a woman's life. 

So, here you go. Pro-life feminists? Yeah, when I said -

"pro-life feminism is "I'm all about women's rights, except abortion because it's your fault you got pregnant you dumb whore. Nope, don't care if you were raped or if birth control failed, your fault.""

- that's pretty much exactly what it is. 

RE: Questionable Content

Oh god I am so glad I'm not reading this boring fucking comic anymore.

Like I just looked back and read the comic and, nope, nothing interesting happened. 

Super Street Fighter 4

I'm pretty sure I probably will like this game considering the few things that make me hate SF4 are unlockable characters and Seth's horrendous cheap-ass attacks.

I just haven't gotten to actually playing it cause, I mean, 

A- I'd have to buy it 

B- I'm terrible enough at SFII:HDR I don't need any reason to stretch my (ahem) "talents" any further.

I regret making SF4 2/5 since it was mostly due to my frustrations at my shitty-ass controller not cooperating, hence I bumped it to a 3/5, and I think SSF4 would net a good 4-point score. But when I'm not going online and getting a 0-22 losing streak maybe I'll consider picking up another game.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bloggin' now

Oh Blogger, my dear long lost lady, why did I leave you?

Let us go on a montaged vacation together and reminisce on the good times. 


So we got this sale on mangoes and limes and tomatoes, right? And we totally sell out of them because it's like a quarter for a mango, seven cents per lime, and forty seven cents a pound of tomatoes. Fucking crazy good deal. 

We sell every Goddamn one of them, and throughout all of today people kept on asking me if we had any more. And throughout an 8-hour shift, all but one of them was Mexican and spoke very little English.

Now an asshole like, oh, say, my boss, could say that it's just the 'fuckin' cheap beaners that want the deal.' But instead I could hit the first link Google presents me and oh hey look at that, maybe instead of being a racist and blaming the mexicans for being cheap I could just note that maybe they're cheap because THEY DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING MONEY!

It's good to know that when it comes down to it you can always trust people to get angry at people for doing what they have to to get by with life shitting on them because they had the misfortune to not be born white and upper class.