Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4

I'm pretty sure I probably will like this game considering the few things that make me hate SF4 are unlockable characters and Seth's horrendous cheap-ass attacks.

I just haven't gotten to actually playing it cause, I mean, 

A- I'd have to buy it 

B- I'm terrible enough at SFII:HDR I don't need any reason to stretch my (ahem) "talents" any further.

I regret making SF4 2/5 since it was mostly due to my frustrations at my shitty-ass controller not cooperating, hence I bumped it to a 3/5, and I think SSF4 would net a good 4-point score. But when I'm not going online and getting a 0-22 losing streak maybe I'll consider picking up another game.

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