Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In response to death

It's kind of alarming to see someone, who is the most two-fisted, loudest, angriest person in the world, a person so driven to comedy and anger that they run an entire site about it, suddenly turn morose and poetic. It's strange that I could not know this person well enough to form any kind of real friendship, hell we've even had the occasional spat with each other over really fundamental issues, but be struck so dumb by how drastic the change is in their personality. Especially seeing them post on their personal site with a blank, shocked post, even filing under their rarely-used real name vs online pseudonym.

It's one of those reminders that, as tough and independent that we are, everyone is still human, and when it comes to death, it strikes us hard, and seeing people struck hard hurts us in turn.

Polly I can't imagine the kind of unbearable agony you're in right now but I'm thinking about you and hoping you are quickly recovered from this incredibly difficult time.

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