Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Treachary and Judging

It recently hit me that I am too long-winded when I blog. I'm nowhere near as interesting or as arrogant as Tim Rogers, so I should keep things relatively short from now on. I shall do so. Starting...Wait for

Today I was playing FFTA2. It is a good game. In fact, I daresay it is a very very good game. I have one slight problem with it though, and that is some of the Judgment system's choices for 'banning.' It seems slightly unfair to me when I end up entering a fight that pits me against four Black Mages and a team of fighters at the front, and the Judge says I can't use actions that "Consume MP."

Picture this: You enter a fist fight, prepared to brawl, but you can't make attacks that "Utilize Limbs."

But then I thought, oh, that's okay, I can't heal or nuke, I still have two fighters and a thief on my side, and they can't nuke either. Hell, that's over half his party! This should be easy. Come to find out these universal rules don't apply to my cleverly-constructed opponent. Sure, it may have been a challenge specifically created to raise my guild's stats, but I will not give the game the satisfaction of being right.

Especially not when it then bans "Reaction Commands," right after they give me a Thief-class character who comes equipped with counter.

I mean, sure, it probably was my fault for not looking at what powers she had, but come on! This was the beginning of the game! I figured it was a safe assumption to believe that, if none of my party could get this power, neither could newcomers. Consider myself taught.

Too Human comes out tomorrow. It's getting mixed reviews by people who call it Diablo on the 360. I hated Diablo 1 and 2, so with luck this game should be a simple review of "Don't Buy This Game."

I'm going for 'short and sweet' from now on, so 'simple review' sounds pretty good to me.

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