Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welp. Bye PA.

(Trigger Warning for attempts to coerce laughter through foul language, Dungeons, Dice rolling, contempt for Hydra’s bodily autonomy,Dragons,)

Next post from Tycho:

2. [Our new] Dickwolves shirt.

Wwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllpppppppppp! I'm done.

Gabe is now officially just mocking the entire populous' offense with and attempt to forget the issue. LOL TRIGGER WARNING ok now buy our rape shirts. 

Here he goes out of his way to mock people with PTSD. I am sorry, there is no fucking way you can do that straight-faced and not look like a total asshole. 

I could kind of see the Dickwolves as a straight-up joke of wolves made out of dicks mascots as a hockey team, but Gabe and Tycho aren't even pretending to give a shit. They are bold-facedly telling everyone in the world, "Yeah, fuck your problems and concerns and post-traumatic stress disorder. I'd rather make money." People who have been raped are now their new beating stick. They are celebrating the "Dickwolves" connected to the PR from the rape comic. What the jesus fucking shit. 

Next I'm going to make a killing with my next target - mocking war vets. I also hear there's tons of cash to be made in child abuse victims! Busy busy busy!

Congratufuckinglations, PA, I think you just lost a couple thousand fans. Starting with me.

EDIT: Dox - "and now there IS no real joke anymore. the punchline is just "people have been hurt from rape and we don't care.""

Some people put things better than I can.

EDIT EDIT: Cleaned up a few words and tweaked some sentences.


  1. Alright, -NOW- I concede that they're being dickheads. I stand by my original view of the original comic, but how they have behaved since, and they're current actions, are totally inappropriate.

  2. ... wow. I mean... wow. Just... ugh.