Thursday, September 9, 2010


From my Twitter friend @buffdrinklots

"god fucking damn this and the description. "IT." FFFFFFFFFFFFFF YOU STUPID DICK"

I can't agree more. It's utterly tragic and depressingly frustrating to see the entire scope of genderqueer politics being downplayed and battered around for humor by ignorant douchebags. This comic is a perfect example of said battering. 

From the description: 

Just when he thinks he's seen it all, Scott Pilgrim must confront the lethal ANDROGYNOUS PAT. It's hair is perfect for a male with long hair--or a short-haired female. It's clothes are the ultimate nuetral color-YELLOW. And it's necklace helps nothing. Even it's voice is questionable. Can Scott look to it's name for help? No. It's name is Pat. Androgynous Pat. AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT, FOR NO ONE CAN DEFEAT WHAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

"It" and "the thing" hahaha cause it's not a "she" or "he" and "they" isn't as funny. They are 'the unknown.' 'You can't defeat what you don't understand.' Hah. Hah. Oh, my sides.

I mean this is an interesting idea as far as a Scott Pilgrim fan-concept goes. But the baseless and immature way the creator just makes being androgynous their entire character is both offensive and stupid.

To put it into context, if I were to make a girl character that Ramona dated, if I made her a short-haired unshaved DiFranko-loving bra-burning no-makeup man-hating lesbian I can guess that people might get a little offended by a portrayal of lesbianism. 

Also in before "But haha it's just a joke!" or "But everything should be made fun of!" or other such non-arguments that don't really refute the point as much as let you jerk off to your own opinion. 


also: i think a better example of offensive portrayals would be like... making all women petty and shallow, or all men pigs

and then constantly referring to their gender by going HOW WILL SCOTT DEFEAT THE WOMAN HE JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND LOLOL etc whatever

Oooh, yes, in fact I'd make a girl character and she'd be emotional and testy and irrational! He'd try to defend Ramona but she'd just get more upset! HOW CAN SCOTT PILGRIM DEFEAT WHAT HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND lolz

UPDATE: Dox commented on it and, surprisingly, the artist changed it in the description. Not entirely awful! 

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