Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thoughts on the new DMC trailer

Capcom I get that grimdark is 'the new thing' and all but you seriously don't need to insert it into everything.

Devil May Cry is a ridiculous over-the-top franchise where a hot dude with silver hair runs around shooting demons in the face in Gothic architecture castles. I'm mostly down with showing Dante as a teenager because I always wondered how he got by after his mom was killed and Vergil took off and seeing him as a street-slum teenager has potential, but I've never been one to tout how great Devil May Cry's story is, least not after #4. Trying to, I dunno, torture him and find out about his half-demon hybrid status is a pretty desperate grasp at legitimacy. 

If you basically gut all that and leave a trailer where Dante's kicking demons in the head and throwing cars and putting out cigarettes in their faces I'm pretty much down, and hey the music was rad, but I'm tentatively disappointed thus far. 

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