Thursday, September 9, 2010

Talking about comics

We were going over how One More Day and now One Moment In Time are the stupidest Goddamn things to ever happen to Spider-Man, and how the comics have been kinda ass lately, and we got onto the Ultimates universe. He was talking about how in Ultimates X-Men Cyclops joined Magneto because Professor Xavier tried to mind-control Scott into doing what he wanted, so he quit. 

I was kind of shocked that Professor X would do such a thing. I said that I couldn't get into Ultimates anything because everyone in Ultimates was an asshole, including the X-Men apparently. 

He said, wait, no, not everyone's an asshole!

Oh, really? Like who? Hawkeye the psychopath? Cyclops? Professor X the psuedo-objectivist? Captain America the racist/bigot? Tony Stark the alcoholic?

We eventually got off the subject and started talking about other stuff, and a few minutes later he's all, "Spider-Man!"

Huh? Spider-Man what?

He said Spider-Man isn't an asshole in Ultimates!

I was like, it took you ten minutes to think of one person in Ultimates who isn't an asshole? Kind of a telling of the whole problem isn't it? 

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