Sunday, August 15, 2010

Abusing women is funny


Apparently violent abuse is hilarious because
- she's a reality/playboy star and who thinks she can sing so she deserves it.
- she's a girl and therefore its nothing new.
- she took off her top to appease them so she's a whore and she deserves it.
- they got more violent to her bare breasts, which means good on them, showing that whore what proper modesty is.
- she tried to keep singing while bleeding into a towel so she obviously didn't get the message.
- having rocks and broken bottles thrown at you isn't that life threatening I guess.
Its good to know that Insane Clown Posse continue to be the worst thing to ever happen to the music industry since Slipknot. Now their own fans are nothing more than violent sadistic giggling fucking assholes who think anything is funny provided you're not on the receiving end.

I'm really looking forward to the ICP response to this fucking horrifying event which will be the musical version of a high-five from them to the fans.

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