Thursday, August 5, 2010

"I HATE my civil liberties!!"

"Why do we even bother to vote if a single judge has the power to overturn the democratic majority? I have no problem with equal rights for same-sex couples, that's great. What's the point of making it out to the ballot box when the sole decision-making power of this nation belongs to a select few? People are happily and unwittingly trading their suffrage just because the court's decision agreed with them...this time."

"Absolutely and completely agreed (regarding any issue not specifically addressed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights). To overturn the will of the people is to undermine our system of government."

"I HATE my civil liberties!!! FUCK them! I'd prefer that what I want is dictated by a majority of people under all circumstances! Majority rule should be supreme!!!"

That never fucking works you dumbass. Why don't you go read up some fucking information on what USA's government system is - a constitutional republic - so you don't fucking start talking as though DEMOCRACY IS BEING UNDERMINED without a clue that we're not a pure democratic nation.

Plus next time the government decides that you one time engaged in anal sex and they want to slap you with a good old criminal investigation, jail time, and probably a fine just for engaging in healthy sexual experimentation that you may or may not have engaged in just remember the majority voted for it so I guess it must be okay!!

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