Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So @brinstar showed this picture that I loved

I've heard people get bitchy about this, and it never stops sounding stupid. You know, "Oh man I don't mind homosexuality, but the gay pride parade? What about the children!" And if you ask them why, it usually sounds like this:

"But talking about homosexuality is sexual, and I don't want kids dealing with sex before they're ready!"

It's the same bullshit argument that pops up for any gay marriage bitchfest, about how it always has to be "Mom and dad," as though single dads/single moms don't exist and protect the children blah blah blah. 

But the real underlying thought they're pushing is how being gay somehow automatically defaults to 'all about sex.' No, no it doesn't. People falling in love is nothing new. 

Saying that you're 'defending' children from 'dealing with sex' would be accurate if Mom and Dad lived in separate rooms and never did anything other than hugging. Romantic behavior is something boys and girls, even at young ages, understand and wish to emulate. 

There's nothing inherently sexual about a relationship in the eyes of a child provided they aren't seeing anything explicit. If a child looks and goes, "Mommy, why are those men holding hands?" you say, "Because they're in love." 

If the same child sees a man and a woman kissing, and goes, "Mommy, why are they kissing?" and you go, "Because they're in love," it is no more sexual than the prior example. The only thing that's different is in everyone's mind - the child would probably think no more of it when explained that, well, not everyone is the same. Seriously they play this shit on after-school specials, is it so hard for a parent to say it when they see a homosexual couple? 

It's more of the same ridiculous bullshit that constantly peppers homosexual relationships, about how they're so different the kid would just be so fucked up from having two moms or two dads, and all it does is paint the person as an uninformed homophobe dressing their opinion with fancy non-logic in hopes that nobody questions it. But, as always with homophobes, once you turn the tables you find that nothing is different except for their beliefs which amount to, "Cause I say so."

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