Thursday, August 5, 2010

all NPFers + esp. you @posindustries

Emailed with Noncon a few times, chilled out, and yeah I'm bein a jackass.

Look I really think I'm not being oversensitive to this whole thing but the way users were treating Fifth followed by endorsement by moderators on said behavior rubbed me the wrong way. Just...talking above him, like he isn't in the room, "oh he just thinks he's such a celebrity" carried this *tone* about it that I may have picked up wrong. I didn't think I did, but I've been wrong before.

Basically my experience of events is
-fifth made thread about his opinions
-people made comments about him in the thread that he hated
-new thread for those comments
-POS merges, repeat thrice, then banning cause Fifth is uncompromising on the issue
-Shiney acts like its all fifths fault
- I posted pointing out why he did it since 01d said it perfectly in efforts to point out that nobody stopped it in the pupa stage, but I missed the part where I inform my opinion and just went for wide-spread insults throughout.
- this.

I'm not at my computer but if I looked back and feel that I overreacted to the users' comments on the thread, I admit I am in the wrong. I wouldn't have expected POS to do anything different re: Fifth, but I don't know why (what I felt like was) subtle insults should be Fifths fault for starting the thread.

POS your reaction to Fifth was valid and I'd have done the same thing. Fenris you didn't deserve me smacktalking you just cuz. Fifth I think people were bein assholes to you in the thread.

The assholeness at the time was what got me to post because I felt like 01D's post was pretty much exactly right and yet nobody did anything to stop users from treating Fifth like he's not there, especially since the entire debacle started with Shiney wanting to have the whole forum play nice always.

Just cause I felt like people were jerks doesn't give me the right to act like Rush Limbaugh and start yelling up a storm when its convenient for me. If I had such an issue I could have plainly said what I thought without need of snark or self-righteousness. So, for that, I am incredibly sorry, and I don't blame anyone for being royally Goddamn pissed at me.


  1. This is Fenny Brian and not Brian Brian.

    Thank you for the earnest post, Mirai. It's greatly appreciated. Apologies for shootin' the shit with you as well.

    Also Fremen don't worry about it. Something involving another communitay.

  2. We all cool baby, you know I still loves ya.